COVID-19 Precaution Plan

Updated 6/3/22

  1. All guides have been fully vaccinated within the last 6 months.  Clients are encouraged to get vaccinated as well.
  2. Facemasks will be required for Guides at the introductory meeting at the trailhead where we review safety and LNT considerations, sign Risk forms, load up gear and assign llamas.  Once we maintain spacing of greater than 6 feet, facemasks are optional.  Guides will utilize facemasks while in extended contact with clients closer than 6 ft, and anytime medical aid is rendered. We have N-95 masks available.
  3. Optional trailhead testing is available.
  4. Trips will be cancelled if COVID 19 symptoms are expressed (per CDC recommendations) before starting.  Trips will be ended ASAP if symptoms appear during the trip, stricken individuals will be kept isolated as much as possible.
  5. Soap & water, sanitizing wipes, bleach dip, or hand sanitizer will be provided for all parties to maintain hand cleanliness.   Washing/sanitizing hands will be required before and after the following situations;
  • Meals
  • Food preparation
  • Dishwashing

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