COVID-19 Precaution Plan

1. Groups will be limited to family or household units; no mixing of strangers. No parties will be accepted that are have high-risk conditions (cardiovascular risk, significant obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure,  immunocompromised – any minor concerns heightened with increasing age).

2. Facemasks will be required (and supplied) for all participants for the introductory meeting at the trailhead where we review safety and LNT considerations, load up gear and assign llamas. Once we maintain spacing of greater than 6 feet, facemasks are optional. Guides will keep facemasks on while preparing food, handling client’s gear, doing dishes, and anytime medical aid is rendered.

3. All rented gear will be laundered after each trip.

4. Trips will be cancelled if COVID-19 symptoms are expressed (per CDC recommendations) before starting.

5. Only parties within a single day’s drive will be accepted.

6. Soap & water, sanitizing wipes, bleach dip, or hand sanitizer will be provided for all parties to maintain hand cleanliness. If adequate supply is not available, trips will not take place. Washing/sanitizing hands will be required before and after the following situations:

     — Any handling of the potty bags
     — Meals
     — Food preparation
     — Dishwashing
     — Any handling of items by more than one person

The CDC offers additional information about protecting yourself and others from the spread of COVID-19.

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