Drop Camp

Would you like the gear for your group transported to/from a base camp? We offer two drop camp locations – contact us to coordinate dates that will work for you and your group.

Dark Meadow Drop Camp

Get a boost into a  lovely area that offers miles of trails between Mount St. Helens and Mount Adams. This route starts at the trailhead for Trail #263 and climbs 1700 vertical feet over 4 miles, with most of the elevation gain in a very steep 1.5 miles. Your gear is placed in Dark Meadow or other preselected areas on trails 261, 259 or 7.

Glacierview Drop Camp 2022

This trip gets you into the Glacierview Wilderness Area, a beautiful area with spectacular views of Mt. Rainier. The 9 mile, 4000′ elevation gain road to the Glacierview #267 trailhead is closed to vehicles due to several large washouts, making this a very lightly used area. The llamas will get your gear to and from this trailhead, and the rest is your own adventure to create! You can camp at the trailhead, or bring your own backpacks and continue exploring the area, with excellent campsites at Saddle Lake, Lake West, and Lake Helen.


  • Your gear only: Pack in/out up to 400 pounds of client-supplied gear: $1295+tax
  • Your gear plus one or two 14’x14′ canvas tents, woodstove, and 2 cots: Pack in/out up to 300 pounds of client-supplied gear. The tents each sleep 3 comfortably, max 4. $1695+tax

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