What We Do

We provide backcountry trips using pack llamas to carry gear. We provide the kitchen, food and cooking, as well as camp chairs. 30 lb/person is allotted for personal gear (clothes & camping gear — client provided). The exception to this is the minimalist Goat Rocks trek, only 25 lb/client. Our trips are in mountainous areas, which does mean participants should be in good physical condition. The trips are 3 to 6 days in length, mostly in non-wilderness areas of the beautiful Gifford Pinchot National Forest.

We practice a high level of Leave-No-Trace during the trips. We plan ahead, we pack out every scrap of trash, we camp on the most durable surfaces available, we utilize cat-holes for human waste and we manage our llamas to minimize any evidence of activity.

Drop Camps are also available for fall outings and hunting trips.

Rental Gear – Good quality, light weight tent, sleeping pad and sleeping bag $22/night

On the trips, we provide food, water and meal preparation. Meals will include fresh food for the first 3 days and dutch oven cooking if fire danger allows, except the minimalist Goat Rocks trek, or Scouting-style treks. Most dietary restrictions can be accommodated!

We provide 2 guides for a group of 4 clients, allowing better management of a health issue or injury, particularly if extraction is required. The exception to this is the Goat Rocks trek, that one is a single guide for 4 clients.

We maintain the following competencies for each trip:

  • First Aid card (at a minimum)
  • Washington Food Handler card
  • Leave-No-Trace (LNT) training and ethics
  • Trained llamas ready for the trail
  • Trip planning and logistics; we have good lists and experience
  • Backcountry cooking with dutch oven!
  • Reliable equipment for transportation, reliable trip gear

Pompey Peak

Pompey Peak

Juniper Ridge


Upper Lewis River

Langille Ridge

Vanson Lake Loop


Goat Rocks

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