What We Do

We provide backcountry trips using pack llamas to carry gear. We provide the kitchen, food and cooking, as well as tent, sleeping pad and camp chairs. 30 lb/person is allotted for personal gear (clothes & camping gear, including tent and pad). The exception to this is the minimalist Goat Rocks trek, only 25 lb/client. Our trips are in mountainous areas, which does mean participants should be in good physical condition. The trips are 2 to 5 days in length, mostly in non-wilderness areas of the beautiful Gifford Pinchot National Forest.

We practice a high level of Leave-No-Trace during the trips. We plan ahead, we pack out every scrap of trash, we camp on the most durable surfaces available, we utilize cat-holes  (or WAG bags in wilderness areas) for human waste and we manage our llamas to minimize any evidence of activity.

Drop Camps are also available for fall outings and hunting trips.

Rental sleeping bag – Very good quality, light weight (<3 lb) sleeping bag $22/trip.  This leaves about 20 lb/person for personal items on most trips.

On the trips, we provide food, flitered water and meal preparation. Meals will include fresh food for the first 3 days and dutch oven cooking if fire danger allows, except the minimalist Goat Rocks trek, or Scouting-style treks. Most dietary restrictions can be accommodated!

We provide 2 guides for a group of 4 clients, allowing better management of a health issue or injury, particularly if evacuation is required.

We maintain the following competencies for each trip:

  • Wilderness First Aid card (at a minimum)
  • Washington Food Handler card
  • Leave-No-Trace (LNT) training and ethics
  • Trained, fit, athletic llamas ready for the trail
  • Trip planning and logistics; we have good lists and experience
  • Backcountry cooking with Dutch oven, weather allowing
  • Reliable equipment for transportation, reliable trip gear

What We Don’t Do

To save yourself some time, know that the trails are busy on the weekends and we don’t offer any weekend trips.  That is part of our Operating Permit with the USFS and is then not negotiable.  We also don’t offer any llama rental services.  We are not comfortable with renting out the llamas we have raised and socialized from birth.  Too many risks.

Pompey Peak

Pompey Peak

Juniper Ridge


Upper Lewis River

Langille Ridge

Vanson Lake Loop


Goat Rocks

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